About Us: LTC Pharmacies:
Partnering to Champion the
Long-Term Care Voice

AmerisourceBergen works alongside our customers and Washington, DC- based organizations and coalitions to support a unified and influential advocacy voice for critical issues impacting independent Long Term Care pharmacies and their patients. We feel so strongly about the importance of your voice and role as a health care provider in your community that we have a dedicated government affairs team in Washington, DC, focused on supporting long-term-care pharmacies across the U.S. healthcare delivery system. We are committed to advocacy with legislative and regulatory bodies to ensure you can continue to do what you do best, providing quality patient care in the rapidly evolving and expanding long-term pharmacy sector. We value our partnership with you.

To amplify the voice of the long-term care pharmacist, increasing awareness, and extending the reach of our message, we also partner with industry coalitions, membership coalitions, and membership organizations with related missions, like the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition and NCPA, to strengthen your voice in Congress. We are deeply aware of the issues that matter most to you, and are dedicated to leveraging our knowledge, reach and partnerships to heighten awareness of critical issues for long-term care pharmacy.

By leveraging our resources in Washington, working with congressional leadership and long-term care pharmacy-focused coalitions, we advocate on your behalf to ensure issues important to long-term care pharmacists have a voice.

  • Provider Status 
  • Access to Patients
  • Fair Reimbursement 
  • FDA Repackaging Guidance