Meiji Pharmacy

Dream Come True:
My Dad’s Pharmacy

My dad, Clifford Yamashita, Pharm.D., has owned Meiji Pharmacy for almost 40 years. He opened the pharmacy on December 12, 1977, the year I was born–he had 2 babies that year! Being a store owner is in his blood; his Auntie who raised him, owned a local market. Being a pharmacist and having his own pharmacy was a childhood dream.

“Even when I was in grammar school. I used to ride my bike around Long Beach and see the different independents, and I was just impressed by the man the white coat–talking to people. That’s when it embedded. I just knew I was going to be a pharmacist and I knew I was going to have my own place.”

It’s been 40 years of hard work–7 days a week. He’s been the neighborhood pharmacist to many generations of families. We get to know our patients so well, and they trust us because they know him, there’s a personal bond. And a feeling of responsibility! They know he is going to be more careful because he knows them personally, and he is! He takes care of everyone, knows everyone’s name. Some of them he’s known for 30 years, they’re family!

“We appreciate everyone that comes to our door, because they had a choice. They can go anywhere they want, and they chose us. We are thankful for that, and we try to show them that we’re thankful.”

My dad started it all, and I am really proud of what he has built.

Nicole Shimanzu
Pharmacy Manager

Meiji Pharmacy
Gardena, California

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