NBC Nightly News: PBM Clawbacks & Gag Clauses, Impact to Prescription Drug Costs for Patients

Nov 16, 2017
In October, NBC Nightly News shared an investigative story, “Could Your Health Insurance Be Costing You Money at the Pharmacy?” regarding how patients with certain insurance plans are charged copays that exceed the cash price of certain drugs due to PBM clawbacks and gag orders.  Steve Hoffart, a Good Neighbor Pharmacy customer who owns Magnolia Pharmacy in Magnolia, Texas, was interviewed by NBC.  Steve is an inspiring advocate for the many issues impacting community pharmacies, and we applaud Steve for his leadership, advocacy and openness to share what he experiences firsthand in his pharmacy related to drug pricing, clawbacks, gag orders, DIR fees and the impact to patients.  Doug Hoey, CEO of NCPA, also shares compelling data in the story, including that “a survey conducted by Hoey’s group found that 83 percent of 640 pharmacists witnessed at least 10 copay clawbacks in the previous month.  Of those who said they’d witnessed 10 clawbacks, 59 percent said they encountered 10 or more gag clause restrictions during that same period.”  Several state legislatures (e.g. NC, LA, TX, & NV) have outlawed gag clauses.  Please be sure to read the story and watch Steve Hoffart in the news clip here!