Lone Star Pharmacy Owner Working Hard to Better the Comal County Community

May 20, 2019
Andy McDonald, owner of Lone Star Pharmacy exemplifies why independent pharmacies are so important to their communities. By stepping in, and keeping the only pharmacy in the area, he ensured his community had access to critical health services. Excerpt below from the original story by Lindsey Carnett published in the The Herald-Zeitung in February 2019, click here to read the full story (free account required.)


Andy McDonald, owner of Lone Star Pharmacy with his family.

Even from his home in Santa Fe, Texas, Canyon Lake’s Lone Star Pharmacy Owner Andy McDonald is working hard to better the Comal County community. 

When McDonald learned that the Mountain Valley Pharmacy owners wanted to retire in 2015, he knew he didn’t want to see the locally owned pharmacy go down the tubes. When his former college roommate and wife said they wanted to run it but needed help buying it, McDonald felt it was fate and purchased the store for them to run.

“I loved that store and the previous owners were ready to retire, and it was one of those deals where they were either going to retire and let it go, or someone would have to try to come in and take it over, so we were glad to do it,” McDonald said.
McDonald said he saw a real need for healthcare in the Canyon Lake community, a need he wanted to make sure improved.
“I think the Canyon Lakers don’t have a lot of options (for health services) and we actually just got a nurse practitioner in next door to our pharmacy there, so we’re trying to help there too and have that as an option instead of having to go all the way into … San Antonio to see a doctor,” McDonald said.
The Mountain Valley Pharmacy had been in the community for such a long time, he wanted to make sure it stayed that way, McDonald said.
“We didn’t want to see that go away for the community because we didn’t want to have them drive even further to get their meds,” he said. “So that’s kind of what drew me in, the area and the people.” READ MORE