Take Action if You Agree Trump Administration Should Reconsider its Pharmacy DIR Decision

Aug 14, 2019

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) recently issued a call to action to urge pharmacists to ask U.S. Senators on the Senate Finance Committee to sign onto a bipartisan letter addressed to HHS and CMS asking the Administration to revive DIR fee reform for plan year 2021.  Below is an excerpt from the NCPA Legislative Action Center. Please go to the NCPA Action Center to contact your Senators today.

U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-OR) are circulating a letter among committee members urging the Trump administration to revive, and finalize for plan year 2021, the pharmacy DIR provisions it failed to finalize in the final Part D Rule. It further asks the administration to recalculate the costs taking into account potential cost savings generated by improved patient adherence and potential behavioral changes by plan sponsors.

Take action immediately and urge your Senator to join their committee colleagues as a signatory on this letter. Tell them to sign this letter because:

  •  The Trump administration relied on faulty assumptions in determining the costs of addressing pharmacy DIR fees
  • Pharmacy DIR fees continue to escalate and create financial burdens for both patients and pharmacies
  • DIR fees have increased 45,000% since 2010, force patients in the Medicare Part D donut hole and create higher costs for patients at the pharmacy counter
  • The administration can act to correct its mistake in not finalizing pharmacy DIR provisions of the final Part D rule.

 Use Social Media to Create Connections with Your Legislators: Urge Them To #Fixdir Fees

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