Action Alert: Urge TX Governor to Sign HB 1919 to Stop PBM Patient Steering

Jun 11, 2021

Good Neighbor Pharmacy (GNP) and Elevate Provider Network are asking all members in Texas to call Texas Governor Abbott and ask him to sign HB 1919legislation to prevent PBM patient “Steering” practices that require, or pressure patients to use the PBMs’ wholly owned or affiliate pharmacy to fill a prescription.

Thanks in part to the advocacy of pharmacists like you, HB 1919 has passed the Texas House and Senate and is now sitting on the Governor’s desk, waiting for him to sign the bill into law. But the PBM lobby is heavily engaged and working hard to try and convince the Governor to veto this critical legislation. We need you to ACT NOW and make your voice heard! Call any or all of Governor Abbott’s staff members listed below and ask that the Governor sign HB 1919:

  • Governor’s Abbott’s Chief of Staff, Luis Saenz                                 512-463-1762
  • Governor’s Abbott’s Budget Director, Sarah Hicks                          512-463-1778
  • Governor’s Abbott’s Chief Medical Advisor, John Zerwas               512-463-1830

Suggested Talking Points

Hello, my name is YOUR NAMEand I am an independent, community pharmacist in Texas. I’m calling you today to ask that Governor Abbott please sign HB 1919 into law.

Currently, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) engage in practices that create barriers to fair competition and impede pharmacists’ ability to care for their patients.

PBMs in Texas often require — or pressure — patients to use the PBM’s affiliated, or mail-order pharmacies. PBMs often pay their own affiliate pharmacies more than other independently owned pharmacies and physician practices for the same services, restricting patient choice and stifling fair market competition.

HB 1919will STOP patient steering and improve access to critical medications—especially in rural and underserved areas in Texas.It will also help to ensure a fairer healthcare marketplace and increased patient choice.

Please urge the Governor to support Texas patients, community pharmacists, independent doctors, and the small businesses they operate and sign HB 1919 into law.

If you have questions, or need help please email Chris Johnson, Manager of State Government Affairs at AmerisourceBergen at Christian.johnson@amerisourcebergen.comor call 202-655-6549.