Michigan Community Pharmacists: Take Action Today!

Jun 16, 2021

Call Your MI State Senator to Urge them to Support Michigan HB 4348 to Support Independent-Community Pharmacists, Physicians, and Michigan Patients

Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Elevate Provider Network are reaching out to ask that you contact your Michigan State Senator by 10:00 AM, June 17th, and urge him/her to vote yes on HB 4348—state legislation to regulate harmful PBM practices.  To identify your Michigan State Senator, click HERE. 

PBMs operating in Michigan today are unregulated, lack transparency, and benefit from spread pricing, patient steering, and retroactive fees—at the expense of independent-community pharmacists, physicians, and patients. Not only are unregulated PBM practices harmful to pharmacists like you, they raise costs for Michigan patients and the state, and their business practices often reduce patient choice and access.

This critical legislation will amend the Michigan Insurance Code to license and regulate PBMs by requiring:

  • Disclosure of assets
  • Attest that PBM contracts and practices conform with the law
  • Good faith and fair dealing requirements
  • PBMs stop imposing retroactive fees on providers             
  • PBMs maintain adequate provider networks
  • promptly pay providers’ claims reimbursement
  • No “steering” or coercing patients into using a PBM affiliated pharmacy
  • Prohibition of “gag clauses” in contracts
  • PBMs to be licensed
  • Reimburse medication in an amount no less than NADAC pricing for the drug
  •  Fair-audit and record keeping practices
  • Reasonable credentialing requirements

Please Follow the Steps Below to Call Your Michigan State Senator Today!

Step 1: Input the ADDRESS OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS HERE. The name and phone number should of your state senator should appear in the search results.

Step 2: Once you have identified Your State Senator’s Phone Number, please call his/her office and make the “ask” using the talking points/phone script below:

Phone Script/Talking Points

  • Thank you for taking my call. I am an independent community pharmacist in __name of city or county___, Michigan.  My pharmacy employs __# of___ people and serves approximately __number of___ patients in Michigan.


  • I’m calling because of the concerning impacts Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are having on Michigan community pharmacists, like myself, and the patients we serve.  PBMs are large corporations hired by health plans to administer pharmacy benefits for covered individuals and create networks of pharmacies and specialty physicians.


  • PBMs have tremendous control over drug benefit design, drug pricing, provider networks and reimbursement.


  • In recent years, the power of PBMs has grown immensely with their expansion into health care and pharmacy operations. Many PBMs now require covered patients in Michigan to use their own affiliate or wholly owned mail-order and specialty pharmacies, limiting patient choice and stifling fair competition.


  • There is also a complete lack of transparency concerning PBM rebates from drug manufacturers, and the aggressive “spread pricing” tactics PBMs use to charge health plans more money and pay Michigan providers much less.


  • PBM practices significantly raise costs for Michigan patients, health plans and the state; reduce patient choice and access to pharmacy care; and hurt small, locally owned pharmacies.


  • Given the concerning impact of PBM practices on Michigan independent community pharmacists and the patients we serve, I urge you to support Michigan House Bill 4348 which will require PBM transparency, force PBMs to deal more fairly with independent pharmacies, and protect small businesses and the patients independent pharmacists serve.


  • Please vote “YES” on HB 4348 should it come up for vote. Thank you!     

If you have questions, or need help, please email Chris Johnson, Manager of State Government Affairs at Christian.johnson@amerisourcebergen.com or call 202-655-6549.