Ohio Independent Pharmacists Successfully Advocate for 50M in the State Budget to Support Medicaid Dispensing Fees

Jul 19, 2021

On July 1, 2021, the final version of the Ohio state budget passed out of Conference Committee, and was signed into law by Governor DeWine.

During the committee process, Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Elevate sent out calls to action asking member stores to contact their state officials and urge their support for inclusion of a $50M supplemental Medicaid dispensing fee (for managed care) in the Ohio budget.  

Lawmakers listened, and the Medicaid supplemental dispensing fee language was included in the budget (as presented to the Governor); however, it was subject to a line-item veto by Governor DeWine. Nonetheless, the Governor’s veto note indicated that he intends to earmark the full proposed funding amount ($15M in state funding and $35M in federal funding) to support the Medicaid supplemental dispensing fee for pharmacists. Governor DeWine clarified that while he supported the funding, he did not want the dispensing fee language to be included in the final budget in order to maintain executive oversight.

We expect Governor DeWine to ensure that this critical funding is available to support Ohio pharmacists and Medicaid enrollees throughout 2022-2023. Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Elevate would like to thank our independent community pharmacy customers in Ohio who contacted their elected officials in order to support Ohio small businesses and Medicaid patients—your advocacy helped to achieve this positive outcome!

If you have questions, please contact Chris Johnson, Manager, State Government Affairs at AmerisourceBergen, at Christian.Johnson@AmerisourceBergen.com.