Top Issue:
Provider Status

Millions of Americans lack adequate access to primary health care; increased demand can exacerbate this problem. A fast growing senior population, increased diagnosis of chronic conditions, and a larger insured population through the Affordable Care Act are putting strains on our health system. Unfortunately, there are not enough providers to meet the demand needed to care for these individuals effectively. This is particularly problematic for patients living in medically under-served or health professional shortage areas. Pharmacists can help fill this void. However, Medicare does not reimburse pharmacists for providing Part B services even if they are permitted to provide such services under state scope of practice law. 

Our Position

AmerisourceBergen is committed to ensuring that patients have access to quality health care. Millions of Americans reside in rural or medically underserved areas, which can limit their ability to attain health services. Pharmacists have appropriate medical qualifications and routinely provide care to patients on a range of issues. AmerisourceBergen supports legislation that would grant pharmacists provider status under the Medicare program.